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Our story

Started with a cookie company

In 2014, we (the Pod Foods co-founders, Fiona Lee and Larissa Russell), started a cookie company called Green Pea Cookie. We carried boxes, we mixed dough, we stickered packaging, we baked with our hearts and souls until 2AM… we get it. Our story is the story of the brands on our catalog: Like so many, we were faced with a common distribution dilemma: we could self-distribute to a limited set of direct retail accounts, or we could attempt to work with the big traditional distributors that were conceived decades ago. We knew they could easily squeeze us out with their high cost and opaque operations.

Three years later, we decided to stop making cookies and create a tech-enabled grocery supply chain designed for emerging brands first. We needed Pod Foods, so we created it. In nature, a pod creates an environment for peas to grow and thrive, and that’s what we’re doing for emerging brands.

Our dedication and mission

The Pod Foods team has been manufacturers, food scientists, retailers, demo specialists, merchandisers, cooks, bakers, trade show planners and packaging sticker-ers. We know first-hand your pain points and make it our everyday mission to be a part of your growth. The Pod Foods distribution platform is always improving as we grow alongside our brands and retailers -- this is our dedication and our mission.

We like great days.
Time is the stuff life is made of. So we make our days great. We listen, empower, respect, communicate, and trust each other.
We are one team.
The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. We embrace the best ideas across the company and lift each other up.
We are true partners.
We want our customers to feel the good vibes. Our business aligns incentives so everyone can grow and thrive.
We make meaning.
Pod Foods is a playground for our creativity, self-awareness and growth. We believe happiness is made, purpose is made, and meaning is made. We are full people living full lives.
We reimagine what’s possible.
We focus on solutions, not problems. Just do it! We believe that things don’t have to be a struggle to be important or impactful.

Hear from our brands

WAJU Water
Pod Foods has those qualities in a distributor that you dreamt about but never thought would be a reality—transparency of costs, tech-enabled, willingness to open retail opportunities for brands, all with a supportive upbeat vibe.
Pod Foods provides a seamless experience to independent brands looking to expand. They do an amazing job of taking the complexity out of working with distributors and the associated costs.
Blackbird Foods
As a startup plant-based company based in NYC, Pod Foods has been essential in helping our business to grow. They make it so easy to check sales reports and to view new store placements. We are thankful to work with Pod Foods because we now have more time to focus on growing our business.
Kill Sauce
We greatly appreciate the work Pod Foods has been doing to disrupt an otherwise complicated, and often incomprehensible distribution system, especially for new entrants. They have made great progress in providing an attractive platform, and voice for emerging brands. We look forward to continuing our work with Pod Foods.
Free Rain
Pod Foods has been a fantastic distribution partner as we grow our business. They've consistently overdelivered on their commitments, and their continued expansion has helped us reach new retailers and consumers.
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